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Disease and Pest Management

Low Impact Chemical Applications

Ideally, healthy trees and shrubs can defend themselves against diseases and insects. However, plants that are under stress or in decline will often fall victim to various pests and diseases. In these cases, a treatment is often needed. At Acri Tree Care, we always try and avoid using chemicals if possible. Often we can get results with the use of organic treatments, natural oils, and the release of beneficial insects that are natural predators of the pest. If we do have to use chemicals, we try and use products that specifically target the pest and have the lowest impact on the environment.

Being a Certified Arborist with a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, we take a scientific approach to managing the health of your trees and landscape.

Providing disease and insect management in Akron, Canton, North Canton, Fairlawn, Wooster, Medina, Wadsworth, Bath, Cleveland, Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, and surrounding areas.