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Root Collar Excavations

Buried root collars are one of the most common tree health care problems.  A tree’s trunk should flair out as it meets the soil.  Unfortunately, trees are sometimes planted too deep and this lower part of the trunk is covered with soil and mulch.  This often predisposes the tree to a host of pests and disease, not to mention roots will often incircle the trunk and girdle it.  When you start seeing symptoms it may already be too late.  We use a special tool called an Air Spade that uses high pressured air to remove soil from around the roots without damaging root tissue.  We will then remove any problematic roots and remulch the tree at the proper level.

Deer Protection

  Sharing your backyard with white-tailed deer can be disastrous for your plants.  In areas with high deer pressure, deer resistant varieties may still become food. Acri Tree Care has solutions to your deer problems, so please ask how we may be of service.

Lightning Protection

Although we can’t prevent lightning strikes, we can install a system into the tree that in the event of a strike will reroute the electricity and dissipate the charge into the ground.  This will help keep the charge from doing any damage to the tree or its surroundings.

Areas served: Akron, Canton, North Canton, Fairlawn, Wooster, Medina, Wadsworth, Bath, Cleveland, Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, and surrounding areas.