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Soil Management and Fertilization

Should I fertilize my trees and shrubs?

At Acri Tree Care we believe that plant health starts with the roots. That’s why soil and proper plant nutrition is so important. For this reason, we take soil samples and tailor each fertilizer application to your tree or shrub’s needs. We only use high quality organic fertilizers, which we feel is the best for your tree as well as your family.

Types of Fertilization

  • Deep Root Fertilization – We use a special soil probe to inject high pressured fertilizer deep in the plants critical root zone. By getting the fertilizer deep into the soil, we can bypass grass roots around the tree, which would typically compete for nutrients.
  • Soil Drenches – Where there is not competition from grass, we will apply fertilizer as a drench to the tree or shrubs root zone.
  • Granular Fertilizer- When deep root fertilization or soil drenches are not right for your situation, we will often fertilize with a granular fertilizer.